Bimota Motorcycle History

Super bikes designed on the engine of other manufacturers made the Bimota brand famous for its high-end quality and styled motorcycles. However wanting to develop an own engine Bimota ended its good reputation by delivering a poor performance.

Bimota started in 1970 by Bianchi, Morri and Tamburini and if you take the first two letters of their names you end up with Bimota. The first bike which was produced was the SB2. It was powered by a GS750 motor from Suzuki but Bimota opted for high quality on all extra features. The rest was a superb handling roadster with adequate power.

Over the years Bimota used this principle of other manufacturer’s engines and adding high quality technology and parts with the KB1, YB6, DB1, DB2 models. All a success despite the high price of the bikes.

In 1994 Bimota introduced the SB6 with an engine from Suzuki (GSX-R1100). Which was once again engineered with the best seats, frame, suspension, brakes to produce a much wanted super sports bike.

Ironically Bimota was very successful at redesigning other bikes with other manufacturer’s engines but when developing their own engine Bimota ran into huge embarrassments and ended up in serious financial debt due to the problems. In 2000 Bimota stopped production.