Guided Motorcycle Tours

Whether you’re looking for self tours or guided motorcycle tours, you’ve come to the right place!

Below is our up-to-date list of motorcycle tours that are definitely worth riding. I hope the descriptions assist you in planning a great motorcycle holiday. Have a great ride!

The tour descriptions are quite flexible! Every rider drives in a different way, at different speeds, and over different distances. While a lot of these rides are done in groups, you could do them solo as well. Everything takes a little longer and goes slower in groups. Therefore, use these description as a suggestion only and adjust the route to your own liking.

List of Motorcycle Tours

Western Shortcut Tour

This 8 day tour, will provide you with a taste of the wonderful atmosphere attached to riding a motorcycle in South-West of America. Feel the Mojave Desert, Red Rock Country and the Grand Canyon while riding your motorcycle. Route 66, Spend at least 2 nights in Las Vegas and, naturally, Death Valley, will turn this tour into an experience of a lifetime.
tour description of the Western Shortcut

Southwest Shortcut Tour

This fabulous tour combines 2 days of Las Vegas with ultimate bike rides through Utah, Arizona and Nevada. The show world of gambling just apposed to the overwhelming splendor of the vast landscapes that you cross. The tour includes the national parks, Zion, Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Natural Bridges, Arches, Capitol Reef and Bryce Canyon. And all of these are equally breathtaking and unforgettable.
tour description of the Southwest Shortcut

California Shortcut Tour

Hardly any of the other states can boast such a wide variety in landscape as California. Sandy beaches, high mountains, desert, green fields, spectacular cliff coast and, last but not least, two great cities with an unique characters, Los Angeles and San Francisco. This fascinating tour will introduce you to everything this state California has to offer.
tour description of the California Shortcut

Four Corners Tour

On the crossroads of the four states of Arizona, Utah, New Mexico & Colorado find a sign that reads “Four Corners”. At first sight this would seem to be a dry and insignificant remark. The public servant erecting this sign was apparently unaware of the fact that he was surrounded by four beautiful states.
tour description of the Four Corners

Music Cities Tour

A musical tour of the Southwest of the United States, through the famous centre of country music, blues, Dixieland, jazz and blue grass. You will visit places like The Boot Hill Saloon, Music Row, Graceland and Bourbon Street. Names you will probably look forward to with great enthusiasm.
tour description of the Music Cities

Florida Tour

The state of Florida has a very good climate nearly throughout the year that makes it a perfect motorcycle touring, particularly during the winter months. From the North to the South, the diversity is enormous, and of course there are many theme parks. The Ocala National Forest, the Everglades and the Florida Keys are only a few highlights.
tour description of the Florida Bikeride

Western Tracks Tour

A great tour of all west-coast highlights. Riding across the vast, but diverse California, Arizona and Nevada, mountains and upland plains. It all forms an extremely varied scenery for this spectacular super tour. Naturally, cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles and Las Vegas are also included.
tour description of the Western Tracks

Southern Explorer tour

A great early or late season discovery tour of the rugged south-west of the USA. Enjoy unequalled riding in an area with a rich and particularly infamous past. Think of Doc Holliday, the Earp brothers (Wyatt being the most famous). This was their territory and it’s your opportunity to follow their footsteps on your iron horse.
tour description of the Southern Explorer

Cross Country Tour
A fascinating tour right across the United States. From Ft. Lauderdale in Florida across the southern states of the USA, along the Gulf of Mexico through the states of Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona to Los Angeles in the West-coast. Naturally also visit Daytona, New Orleans, Tucson and Los Angeles.
tour description of the Cross Country

Best of the West Tour

An amazing tour from Los Angeles through the states of California, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming and Nevada. The number of miles is considerable, but the rewards are definitely worth the effort! All major national parks, famous and less known, including Yellowstone National Park, are included in this ride.
tour description of the Best of the West

Northwest Tour

The Northwest ride is a unique trip that takes you to a part of the United States that is little known. On the way to Canadian British Columbia cross the states of California, Oregon and Washington. This tour combines unbelievable landscapes like the volcanic peak of Mount St. Helens and the rough Pacific Coast with attractive cities like Vancouver, Seattle and San Francisco. A ride for the real biker, favoring variation and exhilarating curves.
tour description of the Northwest Bikeride

Historic Route 66

The only road that can pride itself in the name “The Mother Road”, runs from Chicago to Los Angeles. Route 66 will take you on a journey through nostalgic America. Impressive cities like Chicago, St. Louis and Albuquerque are interchanged rapidly with old deserted dirt roads with unique bars, diners, museums and authentic route 66 petrol stations. A great ride with twisty mountain roads and, last but not least, all the kicks you might need on Route 66.
tour description of the Historic Route 66

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